2013 Sacagawea (Native American) Dollar

The series of $1 coins with annually rotating reverse designs honoring the contributions and accomplishments of Native Americans entered its fifth year. The series was officially titled the Native American Dollar Program, but continued to use the portrait of Sacagawea and child on the obverse from the previous Sacagawea Dollar series.

2013 Sacagawea Dollar
2013 Native American Dollar

The design for the 2013 Sacagawea (Native American) Dollar (Buy on eBay) was intended to commemorate the Delaware Treaty of 1778, which was the first written treaty between the United States and a Native American tribe. The treaty allowed the United States passage through the tribes lands in order to attack the British at Detroit. The treaty also recognized the Delawares as a sovereign nation and provided the option of joining with other tribes in the Ohio region to form a state.

The reverse design by Susan Gamble features a depiction of a turkey, howling wolf, and turtle, which are symbols of the clans of the Delaware tribe. Thirteen stars appear in a semi-circle to represent the original Colonies. The inscriptions include “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” “TREATY WITH THE DELAWARES 1778,” and the denomination expressed as “$1.”

Similar to the prior year, these coins were not issued for circulation but only offered within United States numismatic products. The circulating quality versions were available in 25-coin rolls, 100-coin bags, 250-coin boxes, and 500-coin boxes offered for sale starting on April 22, 2013. The prices for the products were $32.95 per 25-coin roll, $111.95 per 100-coin bag, $275.95 per 250-coin box, and $550.95 per 500-coin box.

Total production for the circulating quality 2013 Native American Dollar reached 1.82 million pieces each at the Philadelphia and Denver Mint facilities. These figures tied for the lowest mintage of the series established in 2008.

The 2013 Proof Native American Dollar was available as part of the 2013 Proof Set and 2013 Silver Proof Set. The Proof version of the coin was struck at the San Francisco Mint with the “S” mint mark and featured a cameo finish.

2013 Sacagawea (Native American) Dollar Artists

  • Obverse Designer: Glenna Goodacre
  • Reverse Sculptor: Phebe Hemphill (Medallic Artist)
  • Reverse Sculptor: Susan Gamble

2013 Sacagawea (Native American) Dollar Mintages

  • 2013-P: 1,820,000
  • 2013-D: 1,820,000
  • 2013-S Proof: 1,237,926

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