2006 Sacagawea Dollar

The 2006 Sacagawea Dollar (Buy on eBay) was produced by the United States Mint in options only available to coin collectors. The golden dollar coins had not been produced for regular circulation since 2001. Rather, the coins were sold within numismatic bags and rolls and included in the annual Proof Set and Uncircualted Mint Set.

2006 Sacagawea Golden Dollar
2006 Sacagawea Dollar

Starting on February 15, the U.S. Mint offered 25-coin rolls of the 2006 Sacagawea Dollars from either the Philadelphia or Denver Mint for $35.50 per roll. Bags containing 250 coins were also offered from each mint, priced at $347.00 per bag. The coins included in these options carried a business strike finish, as used for circulating coins.

Coins bearing a different finish were available through the U.S. Mint’s 2006 Proof Set, 2006 Silver Proof Set, and 2006 Mint Set. The coins included in the Proof Sets were struck at the San Francisco Mint and carried a Deep Cameo Proof finish. Raised design elements appeared frosted while background fields were mirrored. The coins included in the Mint Set were struck at the Philadelphia and Denver Mints and featured the Satin finish. The Satin-like appearance is created through burnishing and sand blasting techniques.

Many collectors will seek one example of each of the five different versions of the coin for their collections.

The final mintages were up from the prior year. The Philadelphia Mint produced substantially more coins than the Denver Mint, even though the products that contained the coins were sold in similar quantities.

2006 Sacagawea Dollar Mintages

  • 2006-P: 4,900,000
  • 2006-D: 2,800,000
  • 2006-S Proof: 3,054,436

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