2005 Sacagawea Dollar

Changes to the United States Mint’s annual uncirculated coin set resulted in five different versions of the 2005 Sacagawea Dollar (Buy on eBay) being produced. For this year, the golden dollar coin can be found with a circulation strike finish or satin finish from the Philadelphia and Denver Mints, or a proof finish from the San Francisco Mint.

2005 Sacagawea Dollar

The satin finish Sacagawea Dollars were included within the 2005 Mint Set. In previous year, the coins included in the annual sets carried a finish similar to the business strike. Starting this year, the coins annual uncirculated coin set contained coins struck with a special satin finish, which was created by sandblasting the dies and burnishing the coin blanks before striking. The process resulted in generally higher grade coins and a pleasing frosted appearance. The major grading services treat the coins as separate issues and attribute them “SMS” or “Satin Finish”.

The regular business strike finish continued to be used for the Sacagawea Dollars sold through the U.S. Mint’s numismatic bags and rolls program. This year, the Mint offered 250-coin bags priced at $347.00 and 25-coin rolls priced at $35.50. The bags and rolls could be ordered to contain coins from either the Philadelphia or Denver Mint.

Proof coins struck at the San Francisco Mint carried the familiar cameo proof finish. The coins were struck multiple times with specially prepared dies to create sharp strikes with frosted raised design elements and mirrored backgrounds. The coins were included in the 2005 Proof Set and 2005 Silver Proof Set.

2005 Sacagawea Dollar Mintages

2005-P: 2,520,000
2005-D: 2,520,000
2005-S Proof: 3,344,679

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