2003 Sacagawea Dollar

The huge existing supply of Sacagawea Dollars and the lack of demand from circulation led the United States Mint to produce the coins only for numismatic purposes. The 2003 Sacagawea Dollar (Buy on eBay) was sold to coin collectors at a premium to face value within bags, rolls, and annual coin sets. Mintage levels for the circulation strike coins dropped from the prior year levels, with just over 3 million coins struck at the Philadelphia and Denver Mints.

2003 Sacagawea Golden Dollar
2003 Sacagawea Dollar

This was an eerily similar situation to what had occurred for the previous Susan B. Anthony Dollars. Back in 1979, this series had been introduced with the goal of creating a dollar coin that would achieve meaningful circulation. The launch was accompanied by heavy promotion and optimistically high production. When the public failed to adopt the coins, production for circulation stopped and the coins were briefly struck for numismatic purposes.

Sales of the 2003-P & D Sacagawea Dollars began at the U.S. Mint on February 3, with 2,000-coin bags priced at $2,190.00 each and 25-coin rolls priced at $35.50 each. These offerings were packaged in canvas bags or wrappers. Coins which are still intact within the original U.S. Mint packaging usually carry a premium compared to opened or repackaged coins.

The U.S. Mint once again included the dollar coin within their traditional annual coin sets. The 2003 Proof Set and 2003 Silver Proof Set contained the 2003-S Proof Sacagawea Dollar, and the 2003 Mint Set contained the 2003-P Sacagawea Dollar & the 2003-D Sacagawea Dollar.

2003 Sacagawea Dollar Mintages

  • 2003-P: 3,080,000
  • 2003-D: 3,080,000
  • 2003-S Proof: 3,298,439

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