2000 “Goodacre” Sacagawea Dollar

One of the special issues of the series is known as the 2000 “Goodacre Presentation” Sacagawea Dollar. The designer of the coin Glenna Goodacre had requested that the US Mint pay her the $5,000 design fee entirely in new Sacagawea Dollars. The Mint complied with her request and unexpectedly provided coins featuring a special finish.

All of the coins provided to Goodacre as payment had been specially burnished and treated with an antioxidant. The coins were clearly different in appearance than untreated coins issued for general circulation. The surfaces of the coin were highly reflective and proof like in appearance.

The designer had all 5,000 of the coins encapsulated by Independent Coin Grading (ICG) to preserve their provenance. The coins were numbered andcarried the designation “Goodacre Presentation”. The grading company did not assign a numerical grade to the pieces. At the ANA 2000 World’s Fair of Money held in Philadelphia, a total of 3,000 of the coins were sold to collectors for $200 each.

Some of the coins were later crossed over to PCGS or NGC holders where they carried the same “Goodacre Presentation” designation, but also featured a numerical grade. Some of the top graded examples have sold for as much as $1,000 each.